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Competitive Power Resources Corp
PO Box 383
Palmetto, FL 34220 USA
Bob Anderson
Tel: 1-941-779-6376

Consultant to the Combined-Cycle/Cogen Industry

Competitive Power Resources is an independent consulting firm established in 1994 to assist clients in the management of power plant assets. Our principal and associates are engineering- and business-trained professionals with extensive experience operating, maintaining, and managing both regulated utility and independent, non-utility power plants.

Now led by Robert W. Anderson, a 33-year veteran of Florida Power Corp/Progress Energy (now Duke Energy), the firm specializes in HRSGs and their related steam-plant auxiliaries in the combined-cycle/cogeneration industry. Mr. Anderson has extensive experience and technical knowledge in this area, particularly with the large, triple-pressure steam systems coupled to today's high-temperature gas turbines. Mr. Anderson has long experience chairing and participating in the organization of HRSG related technical conferences around the world. During his career he has encountered the entire range of steam-cycle problems, and has built a wide network of technical specialists needed to solve them.

Competitive Power Resources can put together "the A team" to solve the most difficult steam-plant problems.